Street Food is Cooming Back!

By Luis Carlos Serapio

Descubre Asheville

Cemita Mexican Street Food

😳Holy guacamole 🥑 friends! ☝🏽You are looking at one of my favorite foods of all time, and I JUST FOUND IT right here in Asheville❤️❤️❤️and at a FOOD TRUCK 🚚 !!

Where? Hipster town, aka West Asheville’s Haywood Rd😳

So, what is this?

CEMITA = a huge sandwich that is made with A delicious bread also known as CEMITA 🤷🏽‍♂️.☝🏽Now, some of you may not know, but México 🇲🇽 was once ruled by the French 🇫🇷 Yes the French!

Anyhow, because of this, there is some cities in México with great bread 🥖 🥐 Puebla City, the home of the Cemita is one of these cities.


Cemitas are made with tons of avocado, 🥑 quesillo (a mozzarella type cheese) papalo, a plant that is similar in flavor to basil 🌿 and of course meat!😍

This one right here is made of Milanesa, a breaded steak that has its roots in Milan Italy 🇮🇹

Where can you find this baby? Haywood Rd. Between Sunny Point and Ingles.👊🏽 The truck’s name is Tacos Puebla!


stu helm food fan - tasting pambazo

Cemita's history

The name, according to Benítez, is related to the unleavened bread of Jewish origin (Semitic) cultivated in Spain by the Sephardic population (Jewish-Spanish) since the Roman Empire. Puebla taxed Madrid with tons of bread six times a year, to supply its high seas crews in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The cemita with that name arose in the mid-19th century, coinciding with the consolidation of the talavera pottery workshops, the textile industry and the artisanal production of glass in the Puebla Valley. It appears as food for workers and artisans, the typical itacate of the popular class, a snack that was shared. Easy to store and transport, as it is eaten cold, it is profitable and cheap.

The adornment of the bread with sesame drawings dates from that same period (1913), on whose cover the artisans achieved great skill in drawing: flowers, stars, animals, phrases, names and landscapes. It is famous in Puebla a meal that General Maximino Ávila Camacho gave in Teziutlán, in which the cemitas consumed had the coat of arms of that municipality drawn.

Today, they can be found made with a wide variety of deli meats throughout the city and state, from markets to local.

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