Descubre Asheville goes to Early Girl Eatery and makes it bilingual

Descubre Asheville goes to Early Girl Eatery and makes it bilingual

Descubre Asheville goes to Early Girl Eatery and makes it bilingual

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What up my peeps!? First of all thank you for reading this blog and for supporting the diversifying of our local culinary scene, and of local media. Yes, I believe it is time to highlight EVERYONE in our city, including those that often times go unnoticed, immigrants.

Today I want to tell you about my meeting with Chef Hassan Aberchah, the new Executive Chef at Early Girl Eatery. The Chef and I met on a Friday at the West Asheville location. We had previously agreed to meet at 2:00PM, and the place was bumping when I arrived, and the Chef was slammed. Lindsey, the hostess, was very nice to set me up with some coffee and a biscuit while I waited, and waited.

I was surprised to see that at 2:00PM the place was still so busy. Anyway, when the Chef came out, it was almost an hour late. I thought, rock star move. Well, he was very apologetic and told me that it had been a very busy morning and he couldn’t believe it was already almost 3:00! I was fine waiting because this had to be an indication the food was going to be good. Now, I have been to Early Girl Eatery a few years ago, back when it had different ownership, and this was my first time since the new owner had taken over.


Well, this is very different from what I can remember, I mean the food wasn’t bad back then, but honestly I didn’t understand why it was so popular? However, now I can tell you the PLACE IS GREAT, I had TWO AMAZING menu items, and I LOVED THEM.

In fact, that is why I’m making this review BILINGUAL YO! And then I’m going to blast it as a NEWSLETTER, yes sir, I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW how freaking AWESOME this place is, in fact I will be back and eat every single item in their menu.

Chef Hassan Aberchah


This Chef is in my personal opinion a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Chef, I mean come on, who has the guts to be from Morocco, and to take the challenge to work at a SOUTHERN BREAKFAST STYLE RESTAURANT? Someone that is very confident in his skills as a Chef for sure. At the same time, let’s be honest, immigrants are in many cities the backbone of the restaurant industry in this country.

The menu at Early Girl Eatery has TONS OF GLUTEN – FREE ITEMS btw.

Here is where you will find all the awesome multicultural food scene in Asheville

What did I have?!

The menu at Early Girl Eatery has TONS OF GLUTEN – FREE ITEMS btw. 

Ok,  What did I have?

The MOST AMAZING pimento cheese and jalapeño fried chicken sandwich I ever had This thing made me LOVE the pimento cheese (something I never liked before) and a very light and fantastic French Country Apple Tart with honey mascarpone cream. Mmmm, good times, good times.

Thank you Chef Hassan, and thank you Early Girl Eatery for keeping our local culinary scene vibrant, eclectic and multicultural.

Early Girl Eatery has a few locations, however I visited the one located at 444 Haywood Road #101 in West Asheville

gilda con anchovias
gilda con anchovias

If you want to see more diversity in our local culinary scene, please consider following the only bilingual blog ( English/Spanish) and, if you want your favorite restaurant to be featured in our blog leave us a comment!

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Gordita: Mexican for OUT OF THIS WORLD

Gordita: Mexican for OUT OF THIS WORLD

Gordita: Mexican for OUT OF THIS WORLD

smiley's fleat market 2

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Hello my Asheville friends, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful fall weather. The leaves are changing fast and our city is looking more majestic by the minute.

Today, I want to share with you all something that is not as obvious as the seasonal change, but it’s pretty dope for sure!
Now, this is a big secret, because the place I’m talking about is HUGE! And seems like none of my non latino friends know about it. Seriously yo!

I like to think of this place as Little México in Asheville. Now, is not like the hipster Condesa neighborhood in México City, Can Cun, or any of the stunning colonial cities we have in Mexico. No, not at all, in fact you are not going to find anything fancy here, but what you are going to find is A LOT OF FOOD! Expect anything from huge Mexican papayas, dragon fruit, Mango manila (the best mangos ever, I bet many of you havent’ tasted those yet)

If you happen to like Mexican cuisine, this is going to be HEAVEN FOR YOU, and is also a place where you are going to see some weird shit. This is going to be an adventure. Ok, let’s get to it. Last week, I went with a couple of friends who happened to be stoned at the time ( I won’t say names, but they are probably laughing right now)

Where is it?


It took us about 25 minutes drive from downtown Asheville, perfect time for their munchies to kick in. Well, it is no secret that Mexicans love and use corn for everything. Hell, it makes me wonder if Kellog’s was Mexican, since they came up with Corn Flakes for breakfast?Mmmm, you see, for us Mexicans corn is the food of our ancestors and we believe we must eat it in any possible way.

What do we have?
Quesadilla al pastor, Sope de Carne Asada, and THE BEST FREAKING GORDITA you are going to find in Asheville and surrounding areas.

I’m going to go straight to the point, Quesadilla good, huarache good, GORDITA DE CHICHARRON? A M A Z I N G! The gordita can be made of your choice of meat, asada, lengua, pastor, cabeza, or chicharron.

What is a gordita? Literally, gordita means fatty lady (yes Spanish language has gender and for some that is a problem, but for latinos from Latino America, that is the way it is) Now, if you fell for the crap that Taco Bell called gordita a few decades ago…. Don’t. Please don’t even think is like that.

The gordita is the Mexican cousin of the Colombian Arepa, and the Salvadoran Pupusa, ONLY 1,000 TIMES BETTER! Ok, it had to be said and I said it, sorry but not sorry guys, I have had, Arepas colombianas, venezolanas, pupusas and simply put, gorditas are the bomb.

What makes it so good?!…

Well, imagine a small pizza like tortilla, but thicker in comparison, full of fatty chopped chicharron inside, that releases it’s fat as the gordita is cooked. Mmmmm, the result is orgasmic. There is no other way to explain it. The corn the use at this market is very different than any other corn I have tasted in Asheville, even the color is different. The GORDITA comes with lettuce, cream, and queso fresco, like a lot Mexican food.

But what makes it so good then? Well, it is probably the type of corn, and more than likely the lard they use to cook the corn masa, as well as the fat from the chicharrron. Yes, this thing is rich and I don’t eat it often. This is one of those things you should try once a year, trust me you are going to LOVE IT, but as with anything that is this rich, I suggest you be careful and DO NOT INDULGE.
I mean, I do want you to try things I believe you will like, but I also think we should all be responsible for how we treat our heart. ( We only have one y’all!)

gilda con anchovias
gilda con anchovias

Well, there you have it! I hope you go and visit the folks at Fiesta Foods inside Smiley’s Flea Market. This is where you can find this gordita. There is other food vendors selling barbacoa de borrego (lamb, I also suggest you try this, it is SOOO GOOD) I will be making a bilingual blog about this barbacoa de borrego as well, because I don’t want you to think this is all you can find at the market. Back to this Gordita, the place you need to look for inside the market is Fiesta Foods, this place is only open during the weekends and you will also find all kinds of herbs, fruits, and even things to make magic. Yes you are reading this right, Mexican culture is not only rich in food, it is also rich in indigenous beliefs and some hints of African culture.

Located at 5360 Hendersonville Rd, it is a trip south from downtown Asheville, I say about 25 minutes to get there.

gilda con anchovias
gilda con anchovias

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avl pathways to grow, descubre asheville blog

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Por Luis Carlos Serapio

Descubre Asheville
city of asheville, business inclusion office logo

70 Court Plaza P.O. Box 7148 Asheville, NC 28802New


¿Está listo para llevar su negocio al siguiente nivel, pero no está seguro de cómo llegar allí? Inscríbase hoy en el programa AVL Pathways to Grow. Obtenga el conocimiento empresarial, el know-how de gestión y las redes necesarias para hacer crecer su negocio. Acelere el proceso para aumentar sus ingresos, crear empleos e impactar positivamente en su comunidad.

Diaspora-a-culinary-event-by-chow-chow---descubre-asheville (2)


AVL Pathways to Grow es la Iniciativa de la Oficina de Inclusión Empresarial de la Ciudad de Asheville, impulsada por el galardonado plan de estudios StreetWise ‘MBA’ ™ de Interise. Este programa práctico proporciona el conocimiento y la experiencia que los dueños de negocios necesitan para crear (y administrar) un plan de crecimiento estratégico personalizado de tres años.


Una vez conectados, los dueños de negocios tienen esta revelación: “No tengo que estar solo”. Como participante, estará rodeado de directores ejecutivos, como usted, que se convertirán en sus asesores de confianza. También hay un grupo de exalumnos de directores ejecutivos, que viven en todo el país, con los que puede conectarse para obtener asesoramiento y oportunidades comerciales.


Prepárese para oportunidades con el gobierno y las instituciones ancla, y aprenda de los expertos en el campo de los préstamos tanto públicos como privados. La preparación para el éxito de la contratación es una característica única del ‘MBA’ ™ de StreetWise


Basado en datos de evaluación de 2019, recopilados por Interise

  • El 64% de las empresas de antiguos alumnos aumentaron o mantuvieron sus ingresos anuales, con un crecimiento de ingresos anual promedio del 21%.
  • El 80% de las empresas de antiguos alumnos informaron ser rentables.
  • $ 526 millones en contratos gubernamentales garantizados por empresas de ex alumnos.
  • El 67% de los directores ejecutivos de exalumnos permanecen conectados con los demás participantes, y el 32% hace negocios entre ellos.
  • El 63% de las empresas de antiguos alumnos agregaron o retuvieron puestos de trabajo.


  • Dueño de negocio o CEO
  • $ 150,000 – $ 5,000,000 en ingresos anuales.
  • Otro empleado además del propietario (s).
  • Ha estado en el negocio durante al menos 2 años.
  • Voluntad y capacidad para asistir a un curso de 6 meses, completar las tareas obligatorias y completar las encuestas del programa según se solicite.


Robert Grooms

Queen Boss Construction, LLC

Terry Sowells

SCMU, Inc.

Reena Powers

S&B Computer and Office Products, Inc.

Maria Camacho

CS Plumbing, Inc.

Hui Chang

H T & J, LLC

Charu Jain

Gasochem International

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Latinos de asheville in spain

Trae tu picante, Asheville

Trae tu picante, Asheville

Bring your heat asheville banner

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Por Luis Carlos Serapio

Descubre Asheville

132 Charlotte St, Asheville, NC 28801New

Trae tu picante, Asheville

Bienvenidos sean todos al festival del picante en Asheville, un evento para la comunidad que promueve el multiculturalismo y ¡el amor por las preparaciones con chile!

Este, será un espacio para explorar lo que ofrece el mercado local, los chefs, restaurantes y fabricantes, de sus más exquisitas salsas picantes.

Estamos agradecidos de que Rabbit Rabbit como patrocinador de este evento se de cuenta de la gran diversidad gastrónomica que existe en nuestra ciudad, y por eso Descubre Asheville ha creado este evento.

Diaspora-a-culinary-event-by-chow-chow---descubre-asheville (2)


¡Que viva el picante!, y su diversidad para combinarlo y hacer platos exquisitos, que se roban muchas veces la atención en los restaurantes. 

Aquí veremos competir a varios CHEFS de la escena culinaria en la ciudad disputandose el primer lugar, algunos con ya renombre de sus restaurantes como la Chef May, de Thai Pearl, La fundadora de Fermenti Meg Chamberlain, Jhon Atwater de Mamacita’s Taqueria, El chef Santiago Vargas de “Private culinary experience” con su propio emprendimiento, El Chef Shane Casto de Asheville Yacht Club, La chef Paty Saenz de Pupusería Paty,  La compañía de salsas picantes Doc Helm con sus preparaciones extravagantes y salsas de  nombres peculiares, el restaurante Biscuit Head con su línea de salsas, entre otros.

¡Un concurso en donde probarás las salsas más ricas en la ciudad!


Sujitra May

Comida Thailandesa en Avl, Thai Pearl.

Santiago Vargas

Una experiencia peruana en Asheville.

Paty Saenz

Pupuseria Paty, Asheville

Shane Casto

Nine Miles, Chef

El evento tendrá Lugar el Sábado 18 de Septiembre en RABBIT RABBIT, ubicado en pleno corazón de Asheville, en el número 75 Coxe Avenue.


¡¡¡Todos están invitados !!!


Y los GANADORES de la inauguración 🔥 “Trae tu picante Asheville” 🔥son: Chef May de Thai Pearl Restaurant 👊🏽 Los jueces encuentran tu Picante 🏆🥇🎖 excepcional, sabroso y agradable 🌶 y este es la razón por la cual les encantó tu salsa. 🔥 felicidades 🎉 Chef 🧑🏻 me alegro de que hayas participado en este evento y que la gente le haya encantado tu salsa. 👏👏👏👏 👏👏👏👏

GANADOR de la elección de la gente 🥇 y definitivamente el pimiento 🌶🌶🌶🌶 MÁS CALIENTE en este evento 👊🏽 el excepcional 🔥 Shane Casto 🔥 de PAPA LOCKS, 👏 hermano tu PICANTE es casi 😅 loco 🥵 y sin embargo, A LA GENTE LE ENCANTA! Bravo Shane 👏👏👏 Estoy feliz de que hayas participado en este evento y espero verte de vuelta el próximo año, pues estamos destinados a crecer más y mejor. Gracias a todos mis jueces Aracely Arnoldo Arriaza 👏 Crystal M. Salinas, Paul G. Cressend 👏 Stu Helm: Food Fan 👏 y todos los participantes. Gracias especialmente a Rabbit Rabbit por patrocinar este evento y por todo su apoyo ❤️❤️❤️❤️, también Pupuseria Paty, Chef Santiago Vargas,, Nine Mile, Doc Helm ‘s Cream, Sidney’ s Salsa picante, Taqueria de @Mamacitas, @Fermenti, Betancourt, y GRACIAS ASHEVILLE por presentarse a este evento y por apoyar la idea de crear una comunidad más inclusiva. #salsaverde #salsaroja #hotsauce #hotsalsa #asheville #descubreasheville #828 isgreat


Shane Casto

Ganador elegido por el público

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avl pathways to grow, descubre asheville blog

Publica con Descubre Asheville

Publica con Descubre Asheville

Tienda de servicios, descubre asheville

Por Luis Carlos Serapio

Descubre Asheville

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270 Depot Street Asheville, NC 28801New

Publica con Descubre Asheville

Queremos darles la bienvenida a nuestra tienda de FACEBOOK, que queremos mostrarles a todos aquellos curiosos y emprendedores locales. ¡¡BIENVENIDOS TODOS, PORQUE ESTOS SERVICIOS ESTAN DE ATAQUE!!

Oye 👋 oye 👂 ¿Ya los viste? ☝🏽Te dejamos el link para que nos visites en:

Diaspora-a-culinary-event-by-chow-chow---descubre-asheville (2)


Descubre Asheville te ayuda a crecer. Eso es un hecho.

Nuestros clientes han estado felices desde que esta compañía inicio, y ahora mas que nunca estamos abiertos para impulsar tu negocio con todas las de la ley!

¡Si! así es, hemos diseñado y creado una serie de servicios que te gustarán por su precio pero sobre todo por su enorme beneficio.

El mundo ha cambiado y así mismo la forma de hacer que las ideas crezcan, y es importante tener esto en cuenta si quieres vender y darte a conocer.



Paquetes que promueven tus redes sociales, planes para promover tu evento, difusión de tu oferta laboral si estas buscando empleados, entre otros mas que están por venir y que además ¡¡TE HARÁN MUY EXITOSO!!

¡Atreveté a expandir tu negocio llevándolo a otro nivel y genéra el impacto que necesitas!

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Get the help you need

Get the help you need

¡Cambiar a español !

  • English
  • Español

Need employees, or need a job? Let us help you get either!

By Luis Carlos Serapio

Descubre Asheville

Get the help you need

Business inclusion office logo

Latinos are a huge part of the local work force and Descubre Asheville is the first bilingual online platform in Asheville, and we are happy to create your job offer in a bilingual format.

Join the first BILINGUAL JOB OFFER BOARD in Asheville!

Only $225 per month and the first month is FREE!

Join now!

It makes sense to look for help, while using the two most spoken languages in AVL.
Let us help you put your offer in the path of our bilingual audience.


Join us for just $225 X month!

Descubre asheville

The Latino work force in local businesses

We are Asheville’s BILINGUAL & MULTICULTURAL platform. And we have the first bilingual job offer board in town!

Let us help you diversify your concept

Follow us on Social Media

Make your company part of Descubre Asheville


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