Dear friends, I met Brian Ivey and Clair Greear at Catawba Brewing, in Asheville’s South Slope, a family owned craft brewery surrounded by cool urban art. This was an excellent day to be introduced to the great selection of beers made at Catawba Brewing and to discover their inclination for exploring exotic flavors and styles.

Cerveza hecha con duraznos

The beer selection is awesome, exotic, and unique. They have so many interesting flavors.They even have something to satisfy your childhood nostalgia,a PB&J flavored Brown Ale. Another really popular beer is the White Zombie, a great tasting white ale

White Zombie/ Zombie Blanco

I made a point to try and found that I loved an awesome Mexican style lager called the “CAROLINA DEL NORTE,” a beer they produce only seasonally.


The folks at Catawba Brewing seem to have athing for Latino flavor and tomorrow, Thursday  7/26/18, Catawba releases a Small Breakfast Stout, made with cacao beans from Central America and coffee beans from South America.

Also, this spring  they created a limited edition IPA for Asheville Beer Week made in collaboration with CERVEZA BEATA from BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.

                     PODES CREER BOLUDO !!

This place is the bomb, located in what has become the craft brewery district, in downtown AVL, it is the perfect place for you to enjoy local  quality beer ! Take a look and you decide !

Catawba Brewing Company located at the heart of the micro brewery district known as South Slope

Coming soon near you, this coming Thursday, Catawba releases a Small Breakfast Stout, made with cacao beans from Central America and coffee beans from South America.

If you get hungry, no worries you will for sure find an interesting option here.

If you are lucky, El Querubin may be there when you enjoy a cold one.


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“We’re fortunate to live in an area with a vibrant international community and we’re inspired by the cultural diversity and creativity that it brings to WNC. Catawba welcomes our friends from Latin America and all over the world, as we celebrate the universal language of craft beer!”

Brian Ivey

Catawba Brewing Company

Who is Catawba? Click here and find out !

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I also want to thank my friends, Model Alejandra Motta, DJ Katha Motta from Colombia, Architect Felipe Santander/ Earthtonebuilders (Chile)  José Pablo/theflowproject (Ecuador) Model and Secret NinjaAngela Leon (Mexico)  Daniel Castillo (Mexico)  Antonio Antwan Alvarado (USA) Model Mika Dickson (USA) DJ- Model and Super Pana Dimitri Schemel- Lighthouserealty,(Venezuela),and Videographer Oscar Molina/ Molina Vision (El Salvador) for their collaboration in our video for Catawba  Brewing Company. MADE 100% BY LOCAL LATINO TALENT. Watch it here


Luis Carlos Serapio, taco lover, bilingual blogger, dad, and Creative Director for Descubre Asheville.

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