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Hello I’m Luis!

The goal of Descubre Asheville is to
highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

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Need employees, or need a job? Let us help you get either!

By Luis Carlos Serapio

Descubre Asheville

Get the help you need

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Latinos are a huge part of the local work force and Descubre Asheville is the first bilingual online platform in Asheville, and we are happy to create your job offer in a bilingual format.

Join the first BILINGUAL JOB OFFER BOARD in Asheville!

Only $225 per month and the first month is FREE!

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It makes sense to look for help, while using the two most spoken languages in AVL.
Let us help you put your offer in the path of our bilingual audience.


Join us for just $225 X month!

Descubre asheville

The Latino work force in local businesses

We are Asheville’s BILINGUAL & MULTICULTURAL platform. And we have the first bilingual job offer board in town!

Let us help you diversify your concept

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There’s a need for it. Asheville is very diverse and the Hispanic community is one piece of that diversity pie.
Karen DonatelliOwnerKaren Donatelli

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