What up my people! first of all thank you so much to the PECHAKUCHA TEAM, for inviting me to speak about the importance of embracing multiculturalism in Asheville. If you don’t know Pechakucha yet, I will leave you a link at the bottom of this blog. (Pechakucha = chit chat in Japanese)

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I had a blast during this event, and I’m humbled by the number of people receptive to the work of Descubre Asheville and in my belief that the local economy that relys heavily on the tourism industry, the restaurant industry and really any industry can become a tool to encourage and support personal and academic growth in our communities. (Want to get involved? send me a message by Facebook and I will tell you how and what is the plan)

Now, more great news, I want to tell you about my friend KATHA MOTTA, Katha has lived in Asheville for the last two years. She is a MODEL and  DJ from COLOMBIA, this lady has wasted no time since she arrived to the mountains by keeping busy touring the SOUTH and a variety of cities in the EAST COAST.

#DescubreAsheville #KathaMotta

LA PARCERA (that is the way people from Colombia call each other, parcero, if you are a dude) Katha has recently booked a great gig in her career as a DJ, yes folks she will be REPRESENTING ASHEVILLE at the BATTLE OF  DJ LADIES (latina version) this MARCH 9 in LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA. Hell YES! That is what I’m talking about folks, Latinos in Asheville and around the country MAKE THIS COUNTRY BEAUTIFUL and truly ASHEVILLE can’t lag behind, this is why I keep on telling you COME OUT and BE VOCAL about embracing MULTICULTURALISM we are a beautiful country, and a NATION OF IMMIGRANTS!

#DescubreAsheville #KathaMotta

Katha is also collaborating with Descubre Asheville, you will see more of her once she returns from L.A.   Follow us here for updates: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YouTube.

SPANISH VERSION HERE.   Want to know more about Pechakucha? click here

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