Why Descubre Asheville ?

Join us in creating media that highlights and embraces multiculturalism in Asheville. We are proud to be POC owned, and the only bilingual platform in 828.

$480 / 4 months


  • We will produce 4 videos in 4 months, highlighting your products or service. 2 of these videos we suggest to make in Spanish, 2 in English.
  • These videos will be aired in all of our social media platforms: FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE & INSTAGRAM

We will teach you how to create a more engaging Facebook page and how to create your own content. In this class you will learn how to create you own videos, how to use hash tags and how to make promotions using your Social Media.

$960 / 1 year


This is a great package for those looking to attract a demographic that is not only multicultural, but that is also supportive of making Asheville a city that welcomes all.

  • 12 months placement in our bilingual page http://www.descubreasheville.com
  • 8 Videos one minute long or less than 2 minutes long (We can explain why this length is best for Social Media) these videos will be made monthly, but they have to be made within the 12 months of your membership.
  • We will share these videos with you (for your social media) and we will also have them in all of our platforms: FACEBOOK- INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE

  • You will also receive a 2 1/2 hour tutorial on how to create your own engaging content for your Facebook page and tips on how to better use hashtags for Instagram.

$1920 / 1 year


As you may know, we also produce videos highlighting members of our community, these individuals are usually working on projects or issues that have a greater impact in Asheville. You can expect to see POC, artists and workers here,
We will credit you with helping us create this service.

  • 1 Year placement in our bilingual platform DescubreAsheville.com
  • 10 Videos of your service or products (we can do this monthly) these videos will be shared on all of our Social Media: FACEBOOK- INSTAGRAM & YOUTUBE.
    5 videos in English, 5 videos in Spanish. Yes we want your brand to be recognized by latinos and for your company to grow with the support of the Latino community.
  • We will air these videos weekly and you can also request the best days and times, as long as we have the requested time and day available.
  • We will also work with your Social Media manager to create bilingual content and everything we post about your company or service will be bilingual. English and Spanish.
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Companies in descubreasheville

Why are we part of Descubre?

It’s an amazing thing to be able to support your community and to showcase the diversity that happens in this town, and Descubre Asheville does that big time!

Jhon Atwater

Owner, Mamasita's Taqueria and Taco Tempo

Hi, I’m Hedy Fischer with Pink Dog Creative in the River Arts District, and I’m supporting Descubre Asheville because I want to support multicultural media in 828.

Hedy Fisher

Co-owner, Pink Dog Creative

“It is very important for me, to make sure everyone in our community and folks that are traveling and from out of town know, that everyone is welcome here. No matter your race, your religion, your sexual orientation, or age. Everyone is welcome and that is the way to create a beautiful community”

Carson Lucci

Owner, Over Easy Cafe

About Descubre Asheville


Because to create a community that is inclusive, we need to do many things and one of those things is to encourage and support media made by POC. Yes folks, Descubre Asheville is the first platform in 828, openly embracing diversity by creating media that highlights our rich and multicultural communities .


Bilingual, multicultural, independent, unchained and 100% local media


Because at this very time, we need to stand together and not be afraid to show our values. Descubre Asheville values life, families together, Black Lives, Brown Lives, the LGBTQ community and ALL. For this reason we want to ask you to join us in creating the community we deserve.

Our Mission

To promote a culture of inclusion by showcasing diversity in media, and by highlighting the contributions POC and ALL make to Asheville.


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