Do you feel gratitude on a daily basis?

Are you grateful for ordinary pleasures such as having access to a warm shower?

Does your heart smile when you contemplate the beautiful mountains that surround Asheville? When you feel gratitude for someone, do you express it?

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If you do, that is awesome! Keep up the good work! If you don’t, don’t feel bad. You can learn to develop an attitude of gratitude staring today!

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Many of us were taught to be thankful as children. Our parents instructed us to say “thank you” as a way to be polite and grateful. Later on, we received that same message from our churches: “Give thanks for all your blessings”. It’s easy to feel gratitude when things are going our way, when we feel loved and when we receive gifts and attention from others. But when we encounter difficult times, as we all do, it is more difficult to be grateful. Most of us have a hard time noticing the good things that do exist even when times are tough. This is normal and that is why developing a grateful attitude requires some practice.

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Scientific studies in the field of Stress Management have shown that practising gratitude on a daily basis improves our mood and reduces stress. I know this is true because I’ve practiced it on myself and with my clients. I’ve witnessed its benefits.  

Psychologists Martin Seligman, Robert Emmons and Michael McCollough, who’ve researched gratitude, have come up with two practices that help us develop an attitude of gratitude:

  1. Keep a gratitude journal. Every night, for at least 8 weeks, write down three things that you feel grateful for on that particular day. Those three things can include events, pets, people, accomplishments, and any ordinary pleasure such as witnessing a sunset.

  1. Write gratitude letters: If you feel gratitude towards someone in your life, let them know! Write them a personal thank you letter. This will bring joy to both of you. You can practice this with more than one person.

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