Asheville has been a place of healing for hundreds of years, its history laced with stories of people moving here in search of a cure for their ailments.  Today, Asheville is home to a variety of health and wellness practices, from traditional western systems, such as allopathic medicine and psychotherapy, to more alternative and eastern-based systems such as Yoga and Reiki.

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I had my first Reiki treatment back when I was studying psychology, and I felt such profound relaxation, I decided to learn more about it and become a Reiki practitioner myself.

#DescubreAsheville #Reiki #FabiolaGiraldo

REI KI means Universal Energy in Japanese.  The word Reiki, as we use it today, refers to a specific form of energy work developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan, back in the early 1900s.  Dr. Usui’s Reiki method consists of two elements:  a methodology for transmitting energy and five peaceful principles to live by.  

The Five Reiki Principles are:

1. Today, I will be grateful for the blessings in my life.

2. Today, I will be kind with every living being, including myself.

3. Today, I will let go of worrying.

4. Today, I will not allow anger to grow in me.

5. Today, I will work with full integrity.

Sometimes, due to stressful situations, our energy gets depleted. Reiki treatments are a gentle and effective way to re-energize yourself and help refuel the Universal Energy inside of you. During a regular Reiki session, which lasts about an hour, you lay on a massage table fully clothed and without shoes.  The Reiki practitioner gently lays her or his hands, or hovers them, over specific areas of the body in order to transmit energy as you relax.  

#DescubreAsheville #Reiki #FabiolaGiraldo

In the last decade, Reiki has been studied scientifically because of the wonderful benefits that recipients of Reiki have reported. Some of the benefits include deep relaxation, release of stored tension, moments of insight, and alleviation of pain. 

If you would like to experience Reiki, contact me or any other certified Reiki Practitioner here in Asheville.


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