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Hello I’m Luis!

The goal of Descubre Asheville is to
highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville
Culinary tours - Descubre asheville Blog

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By Luis Carlos Serapio

Descubre Asheville

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Asheville Latinos at Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, Spain

Hello Asheville! My name is Gonzalo. I’m originally from Argentina, and I used to live in your beautiful city of mountains, and boy do I miss it. You all are lucky to call Asheville home. Truly, this city has a special place in my heart

Luis, who I can’t believe has become quite a foodie in Asheville, is a very good friend of mine and we have kept in touch for many years, and through Descubre Asheville, I have seen how Asheville has grown, and become the culinary Mecca it is today.

I still remember my favorite restaurants in Asheville; Stoney Knob Cafe and Heiwa Sokudo….. Delicious food, and great people. I love you Asheville, I sure do.


A place to taste the culinary food scene in Madrid!

Now, I live in Madrid, and as some of you may know this City is also the bomb. The Spanish, know how to eat well, and today I will like to share with you one of my favorite places to eat here.

Any time you travel, I suggest that before you go to any restaurant, and if you really want to get to explore local culture, you have to start at the market. The Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, is a great place to start. The place opened in 1916, the building is one of Madrid’s best examples of cast- iron architecture, and the choices you will have for what to eat here will require more than a few days.

Located in the heart of Madrid de los Austrias, and known as the first gourmet market in Madrid, it is the home for a number of internationally known chefs.

What you are going to find here is basically a culinary tour of Spanish cuisine. The classic and best ham in the world; Jamon Iberico, next to Galician cuisine known as a region for outstanding sea food, next to Mediterranean dishes, cheeses from Castilla, el Pais Vasco and Asturias.

and on the lunch brake...!

Today during my lunch brake, I’m having Gildas de embutidos, and simply put, it’s a meal that for me is simple, but out of this world. I mean look at it! I’m having the one made with octopus, and also boqueron with anchovies cooked with vinegar, yes folks I love seafood and I can not lie, specially Spanish seafood. And to drink? A classic vermout madrileño.

This is food heaven, so if you come to Madrid, this is a MUST GO!

Prices are as follow,

Gilda de embutidos con pulpo = 2.20 Euros
Gilda with anchovies= 2.20 Euros
Vermut madrileño= 2.50 Euros

Ok my Asheville friends, here you have it. Saludos y un gran abrazo!

gilda con anchovias
Gilda con anchovias
Gilda de embutidos con pulpo

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There’s a need for it. Asheville is very diverse and the Hispanic community is one piece of that diversity pie.
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