What up my peeps! As it is now becoming obvious, we all get what we DESERVE, and for so long  AVL has lacked a way to create a unifying  bridge and yes I understand that TO MAKE A CITY TRULY INCLUSIVE many things must happen first. BUT FOR NOW, YOU CAN REST ASSURE that as long as you support DESCUBRE ASHEVILLE, we will continue to bring you everything we possibly can in two LANGUAGES. YES FOLKS ASHEVILLE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

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HUGE THANK YOU to STU HELM, for recognizing that the food industry in Asheville, is STRONG and AWESOME, because of it’s rich diversity and  IMMIGRANT contribution to our local economy. ( Watch out guys, STU may just become the next  Anthony Bourdain)

Blog by Luis Carlos Serapio       VERSION EN ESPAÑOL AQUI

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#DescubreAsheville #MulticulturalMedia #BilingualToIncludeYall