What up my people! This one is for all of you food lovers. If you are looking for authentic, local, funky and delicious culinary options in AVL, you landed at the right place my friend.

Yes, it is your lucky day, because if you are visiting Asheville,and you love good food, here is someone you should meet while in 828.

Stu Helm is a guy that knows Asheville and it’s food. I’m going to be straight forward with you, Stu is a bad ass food writer, with surely the most entertaining food blog in our city (STU HELM FOOD FAN) Stu, has achieved local celebrity status, and this is due to his passion for food He is Blunt, raw, honest, and some times brutal, always entertaining. 

I didn’t know that he is also a food tour guide! (Asheville Food Tours) So, when my friend Dulce Balderas, invited me to take a food tour with them last Friday, I was excited to be introduced to my city by the way of mouthwatering bites at some of the most happening spots downtown. The tour we took is the DOWNTOWN FOOD TOUR,  but they also have a variety of options, including THE WEST ASHEVILLE TOUR. ( I will be back for the West Asheville one for sure!)

We started at Aloft, here we had a bite of a delicious Brie and Apple sandwich, from the Lexington St Market, and a Ginger brew.

Ingredients are fresh and local. We started light with a bite of Brie and apple sandwich. Drink is a ginger brew, locally made.

Yes, simple is great, what a fabulous concept. To have little bites and drinks, then you walk to the next stop! Here on our way to Bhramari, Stu stops to say hi to a friendly local, and soon we were all chatting with one of the entrepreneurs downtown.

One of Stu’s friends and owner of Sunshine Sammies, stops and says hello.

Bhramari Brewery

Delicious food and outstanding beer. The team at Brahamari knows what’s up. Here, the Chef talks about what we are going to try. Elote Mexican style !!

More about Bhramari here

Capella on 9, located at the top of the AC Hotel by Marriot delighted us with smoked chimichurri wings and the most beautiful downtown and mountains view.

Wings with chimichurri sauce ( yes another latin influenced dish)

We had such a great time. Stu makes this delicious trip interactive fun and interesting. We went to places I didn’t even know they exist. The Underground Café  inside the Jackson building (pictured behind)

Enjoying the view from the AC Hotel, downtown Asheville.

Twisted Laurel

Twisted Laurel amazed us with an exquisit and refreshing cocktail made with house gin, hibiscus simple syrup, orange, grapefruit, lemon juice, orange flower water and thyme

There you have it folks, the tour is a great resource for those wanting to explore the culinary scene in Asheville, in fact, I can’t think of a better way to get the scoop on the best food in town !

I think there is only thing, that could make the tour better. Make it available in Spanish ! During the tour, Dulce  and I talked with a Latino couple visiting, they mentioned how great it would be to have some family members to come along, if  the tour was available in Spanish. (little by little folks, it will happen, not all companies will do this, but the smart ones know that a diverse an inclusive company is the only way to go)

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Version en español aquí

Blog by Luis Carlos Serapio in collaboration with Dulce Balderas.