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Hello I’m Luis!

The goal of Descubre Asheville is to
highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

Descubre Asheville goes to Early Girl Eatery and makes it bilingual

Oct 20, 2021 | 2 comments

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What up my peeps!? First of all thank you for reading this blog and for supporting the diversifying of our local culinary scene, and of local media. Yes, I believe it is time to highlight EVERYONE in our city, including those that often times go unnoticed, immigrants.

Today I want to tell you about my meeting with Chef Hassan Aberchah, the new Executive Chef at Early Girl Eatery. The Chef and I met on a Friday at the West Asheville location. We had previously agreed to meet at 2:00PM, and the place was bumping when I arrived, and the Chef was slammed. Lindsey, the hostess, was very nice to set me up with some coffee and a biscuit while I waited, and waited.

I was surprised to see that at 2:00PM the place was still so busy. Anyway, when the Chef came out, it was almost an hour late. I thought, rock star move. Well, he was very apologetic and told me that it had been a very busy morning and he couldn’t believe it was already almost 3:00! I was fine waiting because this had to be an indication the food was going to be good. Now, I have been to Early Girl Eatery a few years ago, back when it had different ownership, and this was my first time since the new owner had taken over.


Well, this is very different from what I can remember, I mean the food wasn’t bad back then, but honestly I didn’t understand why it was so popular? However, now I can tell you the PLACE IS GREAT, I had TWO AMAZING menu items, and I LOVED THEM.

In fact, that is why I’m making this review BILINGUAL YO! And then I’m going to blast it as a NEWSLETTER, yes sir, I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW how freaking AWESOME this place is, in fact I will be back and eat every single item in their menu.

Chef Hassan Aberchah


This Chef is in my personal opinion a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Chef, I mean come on, who has the guts to be from Morocco, and to take the challenge to work at a SOUTHERN BREAKFAST STYLE RESTAURANT? Someone that is very confident in his skills as a Chef for sure. At the same time, let’s be honest, immigrants are in many cities the backbone of the restaurant industry in this country.

The menu at Early Girl Eatery has TONS OF GLUTEN – FREE ITEMS btw.

Here is where you will find all the awesome multicultural food scene in Asheville

What did I have?!

The menu at Early Girl Eatery has TONS OF GLUTEN – FREE ITEMS btw. 

Ok,  What did I have?

The MOST AMAZING pimento cheese and jalapeño fried chicken sandwich I ever had This thing made me LOVE the pimento cheese (something I never liked before) and a very light and fantastic French Country Apple Tart with honey mascarpone cream. Mmmm, good times, good times.

Thank you Chef Hassan, and thank you Early Girl Eatery for keeping our local culinary scene vibrant, eclectic and multicultural.

Early Girl Eatery has a few locations, however I visited the one located at 444 Haywood Road #101 in West Asheville

gilda con anchovias
gilda con anchovias

If you want to see more diversity in our local culinary scene, please consider following the only bilingual blog ( English/Spanish) and, if you want your favorite restaurant to be featured in our blog leave us a comment!

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  1. Alexa

    This was very interesting! I’ve always enjoyed Early Girl and it’s a great place to take guests. But, you left me hanging. Any more details about the Chef and the menu? How does he feel about cooking Southern food? Any future Moroccan-inspired menu items?

    • Luis

      Hi there Alexa! Thank you for the input. Yes, he really likes Asheville and he feels great about moving here from Charlotte. He is also excited about this new phase and personally I think he is doing a great job cooking southern cuisine. I will be back to EarlyGirl Eatery and report on more of the items in the menu.


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