West Asheville Ron Paul & Sharkys hostel located on Haywood Road.

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Today we start a bilingual peek at of our city’s hot spots.  West Asheville- what makes it cool and why is this the new downtown for locals?

The Odditorium, one of the most popular bars among the locals

What you see in West Asheville is very interesting!  In this predominantly local scene, you’ll find a strong feeling of community everywhere. If you walk on  Haywood Road today, you will be strolling alongside hipsters, artists, musicians, anarchists, backpackers from around the world, Latinos, African Americans, skaters,hippies, yogis, families, and local farmers (our outdoor farmer’s market is on Tuesdays).

Because all you need is love, and some times incense! You’ll find this at Instant Karma.

Immigrant entrepreneurs and minority owned businesses alongside independent book stores and breweries! It’s no wonder we’ve been referred to as the Brooklyn of Asheville!

Store window of Fire Storm Cafe on the West-side

Here, among micro breweries, pizza joints, restaurants, independent book stores and hipster bars, a unique shop stands out called Short Street Cakes.

Olga Jimenez, owner of Short Street Cakes

Owned and operated by Olga Jimenez, a Latina entrepreneur from Mexico, this bakery offers an awesome selection of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and sweets. Olga knows she is fortunate to have a community that supports her dream and she also understands how  important it is to give back. Short street cakes 

Short Street Cakes 

If you come to Short Street Cakes, you can expect to feel a warm feeling of community. In this place I get to share my culture, either by the way of Pastel de Tres Leches, by sharing an altar or through decorating Dia de Muertos skulls where 40% of the profits go to someone needing help in our community.  Today we are raising funds for Elaina.

Short Street Cakes gives back!

Come in for cake and leave with tradition and culture…

If you want to know more about Short Street Cakes

Traditional sugar skulls for Día de Muertos altar

If you ever feel like having a Brooklyn type of breakfast, then come for the best lox bagel in town…

Tiger Bay, owned and operated by Phil Sigh, Oscar Santana and crew.

A minority owned establishment, Tiger Bay has a strong following because they make delicious food and also because they have an even stronger sense of commitment to our community. Tiger Bay gladly  supports a variety of grass roots organizations by providing meals during workshops, community meetings or events with the goal of empowering the community . Thank you, Tiger Bay, you guys know whats up! (Tiger Bay is on Haywood Road and shares a building with Battle Cat.)

And our very own Bodega.

La Catrachita, Latin American products

La Catrachita has been rocking Haywood Road way before the hipsters arrived and West Asheville became known as “cool.” Come in and find traditionally latin ingredients for awesome meals; chorizos, cheese, cream, plantains, spices, beer and more.

Lo que encontraras en la Catrachita / A variety of Latin American products in the heart of the west side.

West Asheville prides itself in being one of the most diverse parts of Asheville.  With its commitment to maintaining its identity as progressive and local, new locally owned businesses are popping up left and right.

As West Asheville grows, we should be diligent with our patronage to those that make Asheville the unique gem that our city is known to be, and at the same time be responsible and protective of what makes Asheville unique.

#DescubreAsheville #lifeintheavl photo courtesy of Life in the AVL

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