Hola Asheville, my name is Isabella and my brother is Enzo. We are a mixed race family. My dad is Latino from Mexico, and my mom is European-American. We live in Asheville, where my brother and I were born, and today we want to share with you guys 5 of our favorite family spots in Asheville.

Courtesy of E Photography

        Want milk? If you do, the best option is our number one spot!

Spring time at the farmers market at UNCA


1.The farmers market at the UNCA campus.

Spring, summer, and fall, we love to go to the farmers market  on Saturdays with my dad. The farmers market is full of colors. It smells like flowers and fruit everywhere . Here you will also find vegetables, fruits, meats, flowers, pottery, jewelry. And the best artisan made bread!!

Artisan made bread

And yes we always have a pastry and share my dad’s coffee. Yes we like coffee : )

The farmers market happens on Saturday and it is located in the UNCA campus. Hours 8:30 AM to 2:00PM on Saturdays only

Bridge at the botanical gardens in Asheville

2. Near the market you will find the Botanical Gardens at UNC-Asheville.

This is an awesome place for exploring  creeks, native plants in the area, to kick a ball, play some frisbee, run through the fields or enjoy a quick bite in the beautiful and peaceful gardens. Botanical gardens, located at 151 W.T. Weaver Blvd.

Explorer Enzo.

3.Lexington avenue in the heart of downtown Asheville.

Lexington Avenue, hippie cool and eclectic.

This street is very hippie  and cool and has one of my fave spots in the city. Dobra tea house is a place my brother and I have visited since we were babies, and yes they do have teas and sweets for kids. We love the bubble tea. Yes, tea with bubbles!!

Buble tea time!

The place is beautiful and they have teas from all over the world. My dad likes Mate (Argentinian tea), Touareg (Moroccan mint tea), and Chai, chai (Indian style)

Ganesha, Lord of wisdom, longevity and remover of all obstacles. Inside Dobra Tea.

Dobra Tea House located at  N.Lexington Ave #78

4. Fairy town!

There is this magical spot my brother and I know as “fairy town.” Yes, it is a fairy town, but if you are an adult you may not be able to see it.  How do you get there?  Make a right out of  Dobra Tea House and one more right at the corner. If you are a kid or a one of those grownups who believe in magic, you may just see it.

5. Karen Donatelli.

Karen Donatelli Cakes

This is a cake shop my brother and I love. Their eclairs, tarts, croissants, cookies and the most beautiful cakes you can  think of, you can find here. This time we ate an Eclair, Chocolate bomb, and a pretzel with cheese, ham and jalapeño. 

Ham, cheese, and jalapeño pretzel!

I loved my Eclair, I always do, and my dad and brother said the spicy pretzel   was bombastic!

Karen Donatelli is located at 57 Haywood St.

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