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                                           KEVI BEAR KIDS

Dear Guest, my name is Kevin Lee. I am the owner of Happy Jack’s Restaurant in Asheville, NC. I am also the president of KEVI BEARS KIDS a non profit that fights hunger by providing kids with soccer balls and dolls.

We have helped more than 9,000 kids around the world since 2007. We believe every kid should have the right to dream about a better tomorrow. When I was a child I grew up hungry, but when I played sports I would forget about my hunger for a little while. If sports helps fight hunger, as it did for me, it is a blessing I want to be part of.

I recall the first time I gave a ball to a kid that needed one. It stole my heart. I knew in that moment that this was my purpose in life. Now ten years later, I can’t stop . Our restaurant walls and Facebook page are lined with photos of kids we have helped over the years.

This is what you help us do, when you have breakfast home made country style at Happy Jack’s !

                                    What we are doing in 2018

In February, we helped another 2,100 kids in Ecuador! May 22nd we purchased 1,000 soccer balls that will be given to local organizations on mission trips around the world. Want to get involved? If your church or organization is planning a trip to country in need, we will donate soccer balls.

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