What’s going on my dear Asheville community! How ready are you for 2019? Have you thought about changes that you are going to make? The so famous New Year’s resolution? You know everyone always makes resolutions and 90% of people never get started on them let alone complete them. Why is that? Well, many of us have a tendency to make a resolution but we don’t create the road to achieve these resolutions.

How do we create this road? Well it is a complicated simple process. For example, as I sit here writing this blog, I started thinking about the things that I want for 2019. Some of those goals are, running my first spartan race, working with a top-level athlete and moving into the world of professional soccer.

Now that I know what I want, I forget about it, that is, I stop focusing on the result and start to focus on the process. How do I run my first spartan race? I have to start training, I need to make my training specific to the spartan race. Getting a top-level athlete? I can start by reaching out to top universities or local competitive talent. Again, I’m not focusing on the result I’m focusing on the process and the result will come. 

For this 2019, I challenge you! I challenge you to create your resolutions but complete them and remember no matter the challenges, always believe in yourself. Take control of your sport, take control of your life!

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