Hola my people, once again, I am happy to be back and share with you more about this beautiful city, the local’s fave spots, the places  and THE PEOPLE  that MAKE ASHEVILLE the hot spot it is today. 


However, is good for you to know, that life in AVL wasn’t always like this, you see, there was a time when Asheville was a little town, yes beautiful, rich in history, and outdoor fun options, but also very limited in its offer for great food.


And then,one day,the LOCAL CULINARY SCENE changed DRASTICALLY.  Along came a man with a plan. Chef HECTOR DIAZ vision included heat, flavor, local quality ingredients, and a great amount of untamed creativity inspired by the cuisines of Mexico and the Caribbean.

Chef Hector Díaz


SALSAS,IS  a restaurant that remains a hit 24 years after opening its doors for the first time, yes, when Hector Díaz opened SALSAS, he didn’t know he would become the groundbreaker for great food in downtown Asheville.


SALSAS, is a concept that celebrates foods and flavors of Latin America, yes, the sign outside says is Mexican Caribbean, but  the food, the drinks, the colors, art and everything you find in this place is proudly  L A T I N O  A M E R I C A N O and by default rich in flavor.


The food of course ! The place is cool and hip, walls painted by local muralist Dustin Spagnola, the perfect background for a cultural trip south of the border and beyond.

THE FOOD, is your ticket to fly to a beautiful and exotic land one bite at a time.

 Slow Roasted Pork ( I hear is seasoned with coffee, and is the BEST SLOW ROASTED PORK IN TOWN)

SALMON may not be Caribbean fish, but HECTOR sure makes it taste like taking a bite out of a beautiful and tasty Caribbean island. 

And now that you know one of our local favorites “secret spots”  take my word for it, YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS.Want to know more about AVL? send us suggestions here Facebook. Want to collaborate? info@descubreasheville.com

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