Hola mi gente ! I hope you are doing well and you have survived Florence, seriously. Those of you that know me personally, know that I was running around trying to keep the water at bay.

Let’s start by sharing something unbelievable…… Maradona will be couching in Mexico, not even a team of the Liga MX, but a soccer team that is from a lower league! Yes the controversial coach revered as god in his native Argentina is sure to put a good show in Mexico. If not for his skills as coach, he will definitely create news CHE !

DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA, arrives to Sinaloa, Mexico. He arrives to couch a relative unknown soccer team, DORADOS de Sinaloa.

The Washington Post, knows there is 54 million latinos that are soccer crazy in the U.S. and recognizing this audience is key in remaining fresh and current folks !s

Here is the article washington Post.


El Canelo  makes Las Vegas  go MEXICAN and generates millions in profits for  the casino, the city of Las Vegas and all for its large number of  LATINO followers in this country. Yes, friends, knowing and recognizing that Latinos are consumers pays off ! When you recognize this market, you can fill, stadiums, casinos, festivals, cities, YOU NAME IT!

Canelo Alvarez, triunfa en el dia de la independencia

A Mexican boxer from Guadalajara, Mexico conquers Las Vegas and in doing so, proves once again the contribution and important economic impact of Latinos to this country. Canelo  took $ 20 million dollars, but what he has done for Las Vegas, the casino and more, is obviously well above that amount. felicidades CANELO



Oscar De La Hoya habla de sus aspiraciones políticas

why not???!! if you do not believe that you can achieve your goals in life, I suggest you dare to LIVE !

Here is the article as published on CBS

And there you have it friends, in the meantime I can yell you, I’m cooking something juicy and I’m dying to tell you more, but everything at the ripe time. I guarantee that what I’m talking about, has NEVER happened  before in Asheville and this will be DONE by ASHEVILLE LATINOS! Mark your calendars for OCTOBER 1st !

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