Tarot, curry, crepes, artisan beer, vintage boutiques, and a funky and open local art scene, makes Lexington Avenue, the most international street in Asheville.

Dobra tea house in Asheville

One of the many stories told on Lexington Avenue is that there is a huge rock that pulses with an energy that attracts people to this spot and fuels the happenings here.

Lexington Avenue is arguably one of downtown’s most popular attractions. This street embodies what many would consider to be “the true Asheville culture.”The shop pictured here has been on Lexington Avenue for at least 20 years.

Lexington Avenue likes to have a good time, but not only that, this street is pretty much the most international street in Asheville. With  a dance studio that offers belly dancing, a tea house that originated in Prague (Dobra) with restaurants that offer, Japanese, French, Indian,Caribbean and vegetarian cuisines this street won’t let you down.

If shopping is your thing, no worries, here you will find antique shops, boutiques, shoe stores, bead stores, gem stores, and if you happen to be here on a Friday from May to September, you can enjoy one of the free concerts held on this very street (The street is closed to traffic during downtown after 5)

Musician Juan Holladay

One of our good friends and supporters, Franzi Charen is one of the owners of Hip Replacements and she is also one of the creators of Asheville Grown a local organization that promotes independent business. Yes we gotta take care of the small guys, way to go Franzi!

Got vintage?

Hip Replacements boutique vintage

There is so much to Lexington Avenue, that the best thing you can do is to go and explore it your self.

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Lexington Avenue mural by Ian Wilkinson and the Asheville Mural Project.

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Luis Carlos Serapio, creative director- bilingual blogger for Descubre Asheville.