¿Qué onda mi gente? What up my people! today I want to introduce you to my new friends Maggie and Jessica. I met  these ladies at a media luncheon not  long ago. I found them to be super cool,  sweet, and very KNOWLEDGEABLE of our city. Yes, they are the MASTERMINDS behind  LIFE IN THE AVL, a really chic and organic blog that focuses on Maggie and Jessica’s experience in Asheville.

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I think, this is really cool, because, maybe you are the kind of person that doesn’t dare to go to a yoga class, maybe you are intimidated to know what to do, or to feel out of place? Life in the AVL is a great opportunity to take a peek at some of the things you have wanted to experience in this town. These ladies manage to show you Asheville with a very personal  and easy going approach. 

Life in the AVL is entertaining, personal and the main topics are:  HEALTH, HAPPINESS & ADVENTURE!

#DescubreAsheville #lifeintheavl

Stay tuned folks, we are just getting started, I know these ladies are up to something really good, and I’m sure you will see more of them in Descubre Asheville, or go visit their blog here.  FOLLOW US HERE

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