Oscar Molina is a videographer- photographer, and a world traveler born in El Salvador, Central America. He has called Asheville home for the last 14 years. Oscar is the founder and creative force behind Molina Vision Media.

Molina Vision Media

Oscar is passionate about what he does, no doubt about that. When I first saw Oscar’s  work I was drawn to the beautiful scenery and the remarkable use of the subject in harmony with the background.

Molina Vision Media. Video and Photography

Another sample of his work is the stunning video of the French Broad River, shot in Asheville, the video is beautiful and simple and has now reached  over 50,000 views.

French Broad River. Molina Vision Media.

1.How you doing brother?

I’m doing great! Weather finally heat up and just enjoying the plants and trees blooming.

Photo courtesy of Edgar Perez. E Photography

2.Thank you for talking to Descubre Asheville, talk to me about your company, and tell me about your inspiration when shooting video.

Well, Molina Vision Media is a photography and video creating company. I mostly concentrate on Weddings and Quinceañeras, but also have done jobs for Real Estate and other projects.

Molina Vision Media. Video & Photography 


3.Can you tell me what is the assignment you have enjoyed the most, and why?

Trying to pick only one assignment is tough, because they are all different and are unique on their own way. All projects require a different approach and it challenges me to try different techniques. The best part of making videos or just taking pictures is the people I get to meet. During weddings and quinceañeras I become part of the family for a day. In other projects I get to be part of the story or product that they are trying to share.

Molina Vision Media. Video & Photography

4.Is there any kind of assignment that you enjoy more?

I really enjoy weddings and quinceañeras a lot. One of the reasons is because I get to capture raw emotions. Most of this events have been in the works for months, even years and see it come true is special. Those moments when dad and his daughter dance, they get that realization that she is no longer a little girl its powerful. Or the time when bride and groom read their vows to each other is a powerful message that comes from the heart.

Quinceañera. Molina Vision Media. Video and Photography

Thank you for talking to Descubre Asheville Oscar, I’m sure we will be seen more of  your company in our area. For our Asheville friends and visitors, if you are planning an event in Asheville, consider hiring Molina Media Vision, Oscar will make sure to make your experience  enjoyable and memorable you can count on that!

Definitely, I will make sure that you are happy with the memories we can make together, for me the most important aspect of my work is your satisfaction. My work is smart, engaging, and achieves its purpose. Feel free to call me with any questions  at (828)-515-1848 or send me an email at MolinaVisionMedia@gmail.com

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