Greetings Asheville,  My name is Chris Corral and I am an Artist and Teacher. I paint and draw my imagination. I use Day of the Dead, sci-fi, and crypto-zoology themes to create my figurative landscapes.  I also teach Drawing, Painting, and Art in Spanish which is a Spanish language acquisition class where we learn Spanish through drawing lessons. 

I teach at Majik Studios, a teaching studio at the Asheville Area Art Council’s Refinery Creator Space. I am also a teaching specialist at Francine Delany New School for Children where I teach Art and Spanish.


I would like to invite you to Majik Studios on Saturday July 7 for “Loteria” night from 4-6pm for an evening of community and art.  “Loteria”  is also known as “Mexican Bingo” and uses images as opposed to letters and numbers as in regular bingo.  We will get to know each other and then draw one of your favorite images from the Loteria cards. The Refinery Creator Space is located at 207 Coxe Ave. Hope to see you there. Majik Studios 
Version en español dale click aquí