What’s up Asheville! Listen up! What are you doing in your life? Are you following your dreams? How many times a week do you get home and ask yourself where has my life gone to or you get home and all you do is complain about your boss, about the violence in the world, about the life that you are living.

I won’t waste your time, I won’t stay here long. I will however tell you that this is your responsibility! There is no one out there who can change your life for you. Your thoughts have power, your thoughts will either burry you or will lift you. Now, I’m not talking about the law of attraction and self-help books that all they do is burry you further when you miss the goals they set for you! This, this is a wake up call no bull shit just wake up.

Follow your dreams, if you can’t find a way then create a way, believe in your knowledge and if you don’t believe you have any, than open a book, read knowledgeable Ideas that will help you grow. Life doesn’t owe you anything that you don’t earn. Fair warning my friends, you may try it all and you might fall short, but guess what? That only means that what you tried didn’t work, it does not mean you failed, it only means you have to find a new way. So, I’ll let you go, just wake up and create. Don’t create for the material world create to leave your mark on others, create so the people you love can have an example and the doubters can be proven wrong.

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