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Hello I’m Luis!

The goal of Descubre Asheville is to
highlight the rich cultural diversity in Asheville

☝🏽Remember these names if you love hamburgers, Sabora Food Truck and his Chef and Captain Macario.

Nov 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Well, Macario didn’t listen to this crap, in fact he has now probed them wrong. You see, this guy is not stupid, he knew what he wanted , and knew how to do it.

I admit he sounded crazy when he called me last year and told me, hey man I’m opening a food truck, I didn’t know Macario then, but it was cool that he talked to me like we knew each other.

He said, I follow you on Descubre Asheville man! I think is cool you are a homie and you are highlighting our food on the internet. (At the time, I was highlighting some of the great taco joints in Asheville)

I was flattered he knew me from social media of course, but it was May (I think) of last year and the world had shutdown for a month already, and by summer shit was hitting the fan.

And yet, this man had decided no freaking pandemic or revolution was big enough to stop his dream. Seriously people, you have to BELIEVE ME his food is SO FUCKING GOOD, that he SURVIVED 2020 with a brand new business and MADE IT when so many restaurants went out of business in the same year.

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What up my peeps?! First of all, I hope you had a great Halloween, and if you are Latin@ Feliz Dia de Muertos.

Today, I want to share with you the story of a Mexican guy many of you who work in the local restaurant industry may know, this homie has worked in some of the most popular restaurants in hiptown, and he sure has put a lot of time, sweat and tears to make his dream come true.

That’s right, this bad ass cook always knew that working in somebody else’s kitchen was temporary, what no one expected is that one day he was going to be the captain of his own boat, and that his signature dish was going to be one of the most American of all foods, HAMBURGERS!

That’s right y’all, this chingonazo, aka MACARIO JIMENEZ had to endure many of his homies call him crazy. Why you making hamburgers and not tacos yo?! You crazy hombre!


What did I have?


I met with Macario on a Saturday, when he was at Turgua Brewing Company (a brewery in Fairview that is also LATINO OWNED BTW) Shit, I never been to this place before and it’s beautiful. I arrived at noon, to find Macario and his team already rocking the place. They had a good size line going on. I thought ok, is lunch time makes sense he is busy.

I looked over the menu and counted 6 very interesting Hamburgers and 3 sandwiches.

I ended up having the GHOST MAKER BURGER, and oh boy. The meat with the melted ghost pepper jack cheese was orgasmic, the green fried tomatoes provided a little extra crunch and the chipotle mayo was another layer of spice, never to hot, but surely DELICIOUS. This burger is FIRE!🔥🔥🔥

The hand cut sweet potato fries were impressive, specially coming out of a food truck, I mean, lots of people that run food trucks go for frozen fries for convenience and this I understand, but not SABORA, no sir, this guy is putting his heart in what he is feeding you, that is no wonder he has made it trough a pandemic and has built a strong following.

This was a beautiful day to have a beer and enjoy such great food, I ended up meeting a lot of nice people, some of them from South America. I truly believe we are lucky to have such talented Chefs in this beautiful city, and to see that multiculturalism in our local culinary scene is strong. I mean not long ago, I met a Moroccan Chef that made me an awesome friend chicken sandwich with We live in food paradise.

I was able to stay at the brewery from 12-4PM and Macario’s team never stop. For me to take his picture he had to put a sign for a 10 minute brake and people did not like that. Can you say BAD ASS? Because that is precisely what I think he is.

I went back a few days later on a Wednesday and had the CUBAN SANDWICH. God this thing was so goooood I LOVED IT!

Yes sir, your truck is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Macario you are a Master Chef. I give your truck this rating because your flavors are out of this world, and you are making a lot of your sauces from scratch, plus the fact that your concept is thriving during and after a pandemic is IMPRESSIVE.

That’s right SABORA BURGERS & SANDWICHES is DA BOMB. For me is the BEST truck of its kind, and yes, I have tried some of the other food trucks with a similar concept and they are ok, but Sabora steals the show y’all, no doubt.

I have also shared some of the other items I tried on Facebook/Descubre Asheville.

Here is where you will find all the awesome multicultural food scene in Asheville

All right folks, there you have it. I hope you try it and also, please let me know what you think?

You can follow Sabora here for locations and schedule👇🏾

Instagram: @sabora_foodtruck

Facebook: Sabora2020

Next week, you will meet another Latino that is kicking some serious ass in downtown Asheville, Chef Hector Revilla a Venezuelan – Colombian making waves out of El Gallo Restaurant on College Street.

gilda con anchovias
gilda con anchovias

If you want to see more diversity in our local culinary scene, please consider following the only bilingual blog ( English/Spanish) and, if you want your favorite restaurant to be featured in our blog leave us a comment!

Our next Blog: El Gallo restaurant in downtown Asheville.


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