Asheville is a city of artists no doubt. Today I want to show you some of my favorite murals in the city.

Arts council downtown Asheville located on Cox Avenue in the South Slope.

The RAD, full of artists studios, cool micro breweries and great restaurants is also known for having some of the most striking murals in town.

If you haven’t visit this area yet, YOU MUST, I have a friend that has lived in the city for 5 years and had never visited this place, until he came with me to make this blog. You can see our video in YouTube or Facebook, this way you will see this area is FULL of urban art.

I know some of the art you see in this blog was made by Ishmael, Ian Wilkinson, Dustin Spagnola, and Megan Kelly. But, if you noticed I missed anyone else, please make a comment on Facebook or Instagram and I will make sure to include them.

This is a mural located downtown to celebrate the local history of the African American community in Asheville

South Slope, downtown Asheville.

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If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact me, my intention is to create a multicultural bridge that unifies this beautiful city we call home. Soon you will see more videos and people with many different backgrounds, Descubre Asheville is a blingual platform but is not exclusively latino, quite the contrary the goal is to highlight the beauty in MULTICULTURALISM and if you want to contribute don’t hesitate to reach out.

Luis Carlos Serapio is a bilingual blogger living in Asheville for almost 19 years now.

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I also want to share with you that in my next biog, I will be sharing  everything I know about the CBD and HEMP CRAZE IN ASHEVILLE. It’s going to be tasty folks! Don’t believe me? here is a Margarita made with guess what?

That is all for today my friends, stay cool, try to be happy and authentic, I know this is not always easy, but that is all YOU CAN DO, you have the magic an ability to make your dreams become goals, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN DETERMINE WHERE  LIFE TAKES YOU. See you around town!

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