Hello Asheville, athletes, and non-athletes, aren’t you tired of missing chances when the pressure is on or having a hard time with the pressure prior to competition?

How about losing a big game because you missed the last chance? Is not a good feeling when it happens and afterwards either, you can physically feel your self-esteem and believe going down the drain. Believe it or not it is highly likely that it has to do more with your mental fitness than with the actual physical training. But, why does this happen and what should I do?

Well, I have the answer here for you, a lot of time before competitions we start to IMAGINE the game and what is going to happen. The problem happens when you don’t do it the right way, and yes there is a right way to do this. First we tend to imagine the good but also the bad, and in addition, we don’t do this practice intentionally, which means that thoughts are flowing in and out without any purpose. At that moment our mind controls us and not the other way around. The answer lies in the years of studies and support of a strategy called visuomotor behavioral rehearsal (VMBR). This strategy is used by top-level athletes to recreate in your mind the exact moment of success that you want.

  1. Go back to the place it happened (in your mind) visualize the place and yourself there, visualize the people around you and what you are feeling. 

  2. Imagine the moment or moments, what you were feeling, hearing, who was with you, even what you were touching. 

  3. Now visualize what you are doing and doing it correctly, completing the objective. 

  4. Visualize the difficulties and visualize yourself coming out on top, how you do it, what you feel, and your surroundings.

The idea behind this is by recreating those moments over and over when it happens in real time you will have all doubts out of your mind. Fair warning like everything else this takes practice and it does not work by itself, you must apply the physical practice that is necessary. For more on this training make your appointment and start taking control of your sport.

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