Having worked with the Hispanic and Latino communities my whole life, they have a special place in my heart.  My family has businesses and many of their staff are from this community.  Also, this community is growing every day in Buncombe and the surrounding counties

Zeno Lancaster Attorney for The Lancaster Law Firm

A community is merely a reflection of the people in it. One that uplifts humanity in every decision attracts diversity. One that works harder at it as time goes on celebrates diversity. You can feel, taste, smell, see and hear the difference in these places. That is the type of community that I want to live in, work in and fight for.

Franzi Charen, founder of Asheville Grown

For a progressive town, Asheville is still surprisingly anglo-centric. I’m excited Descubre is highlighting the Latino voice and showcasing the community’s contribution in our area.

 Local musician Whitney Moore.

This is a noble cause and one we can stand behind.

Hedy Fisher, co owner of Pink Dog Creative

Mosaic Realty wants to be a part of equality and inclusion of all of our residents regardless of race, national origin, gender preference, or sexual orientation, and by joining Descubre Asheville we hope to be able to reach a more diverse community.

Mike Figura, president of Mosaic Realty Lifestyle

There’s a need for it. Asheville is very diverse and the Hispanic community is one piece of that diversity pie.

Karen Donatelli, when asked why she joint Descubre Asheville